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Business CCJs rise by 27 percent

  • 23/11/2017
  • Jane Bray

According to the latest figures released by the Registry Trust, the number of county court judgments (CCJs) registered against businesses in England and Wales rose during the third quarter of 2017, compared with the same period a year ago.

During Q3 2017, there were 24,698 CCJs registered against businesses in England and Wales, which is a 27 percent increase than the same quarter in 2016. Prior to this figures had decreased year on year for the past 8 years. The total value of all business CCJs rose by 13 percent to £80,506,210; this was the first time since Q3 2011 that a relative increase occurred.

The average value of CCJs decreased by 12 percent to £3,260. This has been the pattern for the last six years, where, with the exception of Q3 2016, average values have fallen.

The increase in overall CCJs was largely down to a 40 percent rise, to 16,479, in the total number registered against incorporated companies. There was a smaller increase of eight percent, to 8,219, in CCJs against the generally smaller unincorporated businesses over the same period.

The number of business high court judgments (HCJs) fell to only 14, which is the lowest on record for this quarter. The overall value of business judgments in the High Court fell 96 percent to £1,041,640, while the average value of these judgments was £74,403, 93 percent less than a year prior.