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Further Steps to Data Aggregation

  • 31/07/2017
  • Jane Bray

At the end of August (date to be announced) we are having a systems improvement. You may have seen in last month’s newsletter that we have been reviewing all suppliers for our business intelligence on a global scale. Instead of us having one single source of core data we are switching to a larger number of sources to offer an even better more rounded product for our customers with additional features (for both UK and international reporting).

We are hoping that the switch over runs smoothly but as is the case with such things, there may be a few issues on the day. We are hoping this won’t be the case but we wanted to pre-empt the situation so that you know what is happening.

We will be having more of the team available on the customer service help desk throughout the day to answer any queries you may have and our account managers will attempt to speak to all their customers about the changes before they happen, as the reports have some new information added.

As we progress we will announce upcoming updates, and we invite you to be a part of the process, so let us know some of your data challenges and what we can do to help you achieve solutions.