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Future service: accelerating data initiatives

  • 29/06/2017
  • Mike Padmore


29/06/2017: We will shortly be putting live new reports for businesses in Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar , Laos and Afganistan. These will be in a similar format to the reports we currently provide for businesses in Western Europe.

Accelerating data initiatives

In the world of business data, the market never stays still and we must try to retain our position of providing what we believe to be some of the best quality data in the market. This means that we regularly review data sources.

Whilst the current arrangements for our core business data have been in place for many years have given the business a great stable platform, we believe that we can do better. In some respects we have already been doing this with a steady drive to broaden our sources of information. One great example of this is the new arrangement for Indian report data that we put in place last year. This has seen a tremendous improvement in the quality of the data that we are now able to provide to customers that are interested in trading in this country.

Our aim is to try and source and collate top quality data and business intelligence for every country in which our customers need to see company credit reports in. In essence we have decided to accelerate a strategy that takes us away from having one single source of core data, albeit surrounded by various smaller sources, to a strategy that takes data from a larger number of sources and aggregates it to produce what we hope to be a fantastic overall product offering.

This sort of change doesn't come overnight, but as we have already seen with previous updates many incremental updates can add up to a whole new bigger perspective. Our focus will always be on providing the right information, in context, at the right time.

One of the key changes that we hope international customers will notice will be for reports on companies outside of Europe. At present, most of these reports are presented in a basic 'text' format; one of our key goals will be to source the raw data needed in order to produce reports that have the same sort of look and feel that you can currently see in in our Western European reports.

As we progress we will announce upcoming updates, and we invite you to be a part of the process, letting us know some of your data challenges and what we can do to help you achieve solutions.