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The Importance of Checking Your Business Credit Score

  • 13/07/2017
  • Jane Bray

We all understand the importance of running credit reports on companies we wish to do business with. We know that it’s one of the best ways to protect us from bad debt, but how often do we run a check on our own business?

Payment history accounts for part of your credit score - sometimes you may not even be aware that anything is amiss. Late payments can affect your score and in turn how credit decisions (such as loans) are made, this may also dictate whether people choose to do business with you.

If you’re a customer of CoCredo you can run a copy of your company’s credit report easily through the online portal. If you find any information that you’re concerned about or would like explained, you can contact our Customer Service team on 01494 790600, where we will be able to see how your company’s current activities are affecting your score.

Something as simple as your company being categorised in the wrong industry can affect your score. This is quite commonplace and you would be surprised how much of an effect this has.

We are happy to investigate any issues on your behalf, so don’t let your inaction impact your credit score. A few smart actions may provide you with quick results. If you ensure your credit score is where it should be, you will enjoy easier access for credit in the future.

Not a CoCredo customer? Try our credit reports for FREE today!

If you would like to try out our reporting service, contact us on 01494 790600 and we can give you access to up to 5 free credit reports.