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Consumer reports are used to verify customer identities, to decide whether to provide credit, insurance, employment, and many other purposes to help you make knowledgeable business decisions. CoCredo work with the industry leaders of consumer information CallCredit and introduce you directly. Some of the more popular reports available are the CallReport, CallID and CallML, highlighted below.

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When your business relies on dealing with genuine customers, it’s a smart move to take precautions and prevent money laundering. This is particularly important if you’re dealing with online transactions, which can be higher risk.

Call ML allows you to verify an individual at the address(es) they have provided. The footprint left by carrying out a Call ML search is Prevention of Money Laundering, this will be visible to the consumer on their credit file. The footprint has no effect on the consumers’ credit score or credit worthiness.

Key Benefits:

  • A clear transparent decision enabling the user to know if the applicant has been successfully verified or not
  • CallML uses the widest range of quality data sources available in a single electronic search
  • Details of any warnings/negative data matches
  • Full transparency of all information relating to data - e.g. age of data used, type of data, open/settled credit account etc
  • Detailed reporting, all input and output data recorded in a comprehensive audit trail


CallID is a powerful customer identity verification report that can prevent fraud, reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction.

CallID is designed to meet the requirements of an organisation who need to verify customer details but do not want to carry out a full Anti-Money Laundering check. It can return a simple pass/refer decision based on the information inputted matching with the information we have on our live database.

Key Benefits:

  • Simple to use and intuitive
  • Assists in identifying fraud and theft, costing UK businesses £1.7 billion per year
  • Speeds up the application process for new customers
  • Database audit trail with access to extensive and unique data sources

It is responsible business practice for lenders to conduct a consumer check on an individual and our consumer reports can assess the level of risk associated to assist in making important commercial choices.

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The CallReport assesses the credit risk and affordability of a customer and the likelihood of fulfilling their credit commitments.

CallReport confirms an applicant's name, address and the presence or absence of any adverse public data. Included in the report is the applicant’s Gauge Score, a credit score based on public data and ranking according to credit risk. It is a valuable tool for a whole range of sectors dealing with consumers.

Additionally, please speak to our consultants about the SHAREReport, which provides the information in a CallReport, but added with details of the previous payment patterns and debts over the past six years.

Key Benefits:

  • Access available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Uses an extensive range of datasets including Full Electoral Roll, CCJ's, Personal Insolvencies, CIFAS Fraud Prevention, Post Office Address File (PAF) and CAMEO.
  • Returns linked declared and undeclared addresses aswell as alias information and proof of age
  • Provides information on same family and financial associates.