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CoCredo continues to support Corporate Transparency and Reform

  • 08/05/2019
  • Jane Bray

You may remember back in our October newsletter that we discussed the campaign group, Robust, and their campaign for greater defences against money laundering and enhanced due diligence checks at Companies House. 

Well, this month we have an update on the campaign and we are pleased to announce that they have succeeded in bringing their case to a public consultation.

Commenting on Linkedin, Richard Osbourn from Robust said:

“It has taken some 3 years of work and the support from many to get here, but the Public Consultation regarding Companies House reforms is out. If you have an interest in Corporate Transparency, integrity and Companies Act I urge you to contribute to this consultation.”

Here at CoCredo we fully support the tireless work of Richard, regarding Companies House reform. If you can spare some time, please take a look at the consultation documents and please contribute if you are able to.

Please click on the link to view the consultation document: