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CoCredo Tutorials

  • 22/06/2021
  • Jane Bray

Did you know that as a customer you have access to some great tutorial videos that will help you to understand how to use the CoCredo system more efficiently?

Tutorials  include:

How to reset your password
- If you have forgotten your password this tutorial will explain how to get a new one so that you can continue using the system quickly.

Navigating your first credit report
- This short guide talks you through the different elements of our reports and explains how to use them effectively.

Explaining the features of the new-look dashboard
- This short tutorial explains the layout of the new-look CoCredo dashboard.

Running a level 3 credit report
- This short film helps you to navigate your way around our level 3 reports helping you get the most out of them. 

Coming soon How to use the Dual Report

If you are a CoCredo customer you will find the tutorials once you have logged in to the system under the Dashboard Tab.