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Dan takes part in Enterprise Doctor's Podcast

  • 23/09/2020
  • Jane Bray

Earlier this month Dan was asked to take part in a podcast with Mark Harris (the Enterprise Doctor). Mark is a business consultant and advisor, as well as being a presenter on Marlow FM.

When Dan was invited to talk on the podcast, we knew that Mark was going to ask some probing questions. Dan is usually the one asking questions on our own Podcast, but this time he was in the hot seat. Luckily, Dan was cool under pressure and answered questions such as ‘What’s the point of credit reports.’

Some other questions answered within this episode are:
· How much help can you get for a tenner?
· How can you use credit checking as a sales tool?
· What can you find out about a sole trader?

If you are someone who has toyed with the idea of using credit reports but have your doubts, this is the podcast for you. Mark asks all the questions that you would want to ask, and Dan explains it all in great detail.

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