cocredo - company credit checks

DNA improvements implemented

  • 29/05/2020
  • Jane Bray

We have now implemented links into the DNA pie charts that are within our credit reports. This was requested by one of our customers and as you know here at CoCredo, we do our best to accommodate customer feedback and we thought that this was a great idea.

DNA portfolios are listed on the home page of the client’s dashboard. Each portfolio is presented with two graphs showing the structure of its content (see image above). One is showing proportions of businesses in the portfolio by risk index and another by credit limit.

When you click on a coloured area in either of the graphs,  the portfolio content page opens up with only businesses listed that are included in that particular area of the graph:

A button at the top says “1 filter applied”. By pressing that button you can open and alter the search (filtering) criteria:

Please contact customer services if you need assistance or would like to add DNA to your account, on 01494 790600.