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Exciting News

  • 27/09/2017
  • Jane Bray

In follow up to our announcement in August, we are delighted to update you that some of our new data feeds are going live from the beginning of October. The first regions to move will be the UK and Europe. More countries will follow throughout October and November. Our technical team have been working tirelessly over the last few months to make sure that the switch over goes smoothly.

In October 2016 we commissioned an on-going independent review of the current market and global data providers available. Based on these findings, we have brought together a larger number of data sources to offer even better, more predictive reports for our customers with additional features (for both UK and international reporting).

All our customers have been sent an email explaining the switch over in more detail and what it means. It also highlights the benefits and the added features which will make our reports even better than before.

If you haven’t heard had this email, please call us on 01494 790600.