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Fall in love with our Dual Report

  • 14/02/2020
  • Jane Bray

It’s that time of the year when the cheesy cards come out, flowers are double the price and it’s acceptable
to use images of cute dogs in your marketing!

Today, many companies will try to sell you something with a tenuous Valentine’s Day link, so being one to totally jump on the bandwagon here goes...

At CoCredo we have a saying that ‘one is good, two is better.’ Of course, we're talking about our Dual Report (told you it was a tenuous link!).

CoCredo's award-winning Dual Report has been designed to show you two leading credit information providers’ opinions alongside each other in one
easy to read report. This enables you to compare credit limits, risk scores and report data, whilst saving your business both time and money.

If you currently use more than one provider for your credit reports, this product could be your knight in shining armour!

Click here to find out how much our customers love the Dual Report and to watch a short film about how it all works.

To receive your Valentine's Day gift of one FREE UK Dual Report* (sorry it’s not chocolate or flowers!) contact us on 01494 790600.