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GDPR - are you ready?

  • 27/02/2018
  • Jane Bray

There is no getting out of it, GDPR is something that you need to come to terms with as a business or you could face a hefty fine. How many of us have read an article or been offered a course on GDPR and have filed it in the ‘To Do’ pile because we know that it is going to be a huge task?

The most likely scenario is that you simply don’t have the time to read through mounds of paper work to understand it all and possibly still miss out something vital.

There’s an easier way… Do what we’ve done here at CoCredo and partner with a team of GDPR specialists. Yes, there’s an expense, but you’ll also save time (which is money) and a lot of the stress of understanding it is eliminated.

We are working with an existing customer of ours, Blazer Mills, who have a thorough understanding of how GDPR works and a team of dedicated experts in this field. They begin by looking at your business and your data and run a full inventory. They then carry out a gap analysis to identify areas where you fall short and work with you to make your data compliant.

At present they are guiding us through the minefield of understanding GDPR. We still have a way to go yet but we are relieved to be well underway with this project and feel safe in the knowledge that they know what they are doing. The May 2018 deadline is no longer such a daunting prospect!

To find out more about how Blazer Mills could help you please email: and Dan will be happy to introduce you.