cocredo - company credit checks

Happy New Year to all our customers

  • 09/01/2018
  • Jane Bray

Here at CoCredo we are really excited about 2018 with many potential opportunities and challenges ahead. As you may be aware we have recently integrated with a number of new providers and we have some exciting product developments in the pipeline that we will be unveiling  during the year.

The requirements of businesses are forever changing and our products and services are moving at a fast pace to reflect this. We are also committed to helping small businesses to be recognised and assessed more accurately. 

We appreciate the challenges that lie ahead with the uncertainty of Brexit and GDPR but we as a business welcome change, which will bring about higher standards to the industry. Brexit will mean that companies will have to look at other opportunities outside of the EU. This will no doubt bring challenges over the next few years, however with the transparency that our international credit reports provide and our ever-growing network of local providers, working with countries outside of the EU has never been easier.