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Have you stuck to your New Year's resolutions

  • 23/01/2020
  • Jane Bray

We’re now well into January and if you’re anything like us here at CoCredo, you may have already broken some of your New Year’s Resolutions! Jane has been at the chocolates, Josh hasn’t made it to the gym and Dan hasn’t had any early nights - you get the picture!

Here’s one resolution we recommend you should aim to start…running business credit checks!

In today's volatile business environment, credit checking the companies you work with is vital. We all saw the loss of some well-known entities last year such as Mothercare, Thomas Cook, Jamie’s Italian and Patisserie Valerie to name but a few; which only goes to prove that no business is safe.

CoCredo’s credit reports help you to see the bigger picture. Our newly updated scorecard confidently measures the probability of a company failing up to 12 months in advance with transparent scores on each business

By running credit reports you can feel more reassured in exposing your business to opportunities with less risk involved and be proactively informed of any changes, good or bad.

Without blowing our own trumpet (ok, maybe just a little bit!) we are the current CICM Credit Information Provider of the Year and we offer unrivalled customer service.

Credit reports are cheaper than you might think and could help you to avoid significant bad debt.

If you would like to run a FREE UK report today without any commitment, call us on 01494 790600.