cocredo - company credit checks

New products and services

  • 28/01/2021
  • Jane Bray

We are excited to bring to our customers some new products and services over the next few months.

Data Appending

Our data appending service gives you the confidence that the data you hold on your customers is as accurate as possible.

You may have data on your database that has been there for many years and to update this manually would be a mammoth task. This is where our data appending service can save you both time and man-hours in getting this done.

Credit Management Services

We work with many partners who offer some useful add on services. We thought it would be a great idea to be able to put you in touch with these people if you need them. 

Services include:

- Helping you to resolve specific short-term receivables collection and credit issues
- Risk-rating your customer portfolio and recommending credit limits
- Completing credit policy and department audits
- Designing credit policies and processes
- Developing KPIs and SLAs
- Advising on organisational capability and transformation
- Supporting and advising on outsourcing projects
- Involvement in automation projects and advising on credit-specific solutions, for example:
digital documentation, automated credit management, collections of cash allocation
- Advising on, and developing and optimising, credit insurance programmes
- Challenging credit insurers to improve and optimise insured limits
- Providing training and mentoring to your team
- Being the CFO’s sounding board and eyes and ears. Virtual senior credit manager or director

Procurement Solutions

Managing suppliers is key to any business and credit checking them is more critical than ever.

This service will help you to look at your supplier's background, credit history, links with other businesses and any CCJs that have occurred - Helping you make those vital credit decisions.

By understanding how robust your suppliers are means that you can quickly identify any pressures on your supply chain. This may lead you to negotiate better terms or look at alternative suppliers. The key is having access to knowledge.

To find out more about any of our upcoming new services call us on 01494 790600.