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Spotlight on...Baker Ing

  • 12/08/2021
  • Jane Bray

Over the next few months, we will be putting the spotlight on some of the Partners who have joined our Affinity Programme. From this, you will discover the diverse range of businesses that use our services and how both the partners and their customers benefit from using CoCredo. We will also look at some of the services they offer. 
This month we focus on Baker Ing.

What does your business do and how did you become involved with CoCredo?
Baker Ing is a niche Global Receivables Management company whose debt recovery team is comprised of time served Credit Managers. We work with global corporates in their first and third party receivables, optimising cash collection and reducing write off. Baker Ing has been working with CoCredo, initially through the Director’s referring and introducing clients to the business so that they could benefit from the great service Cocredo provides.

How long have you worked with the Partner Programme?
Baker Ing signed up to the partner programme when the business first launched as Baker Ing Consultancy in 2015, although the Director’s have been business associates with Dan Hancocks for many years.  Lisa Baker-Reynolds has known Dan through their shared interest in business information from her time working in the international business information sector, they share many common values and are highly customer care focused.

What are the benefits of being a Partner to your business?
As an international business, Baker Ing works with multiple credit reference bureaus to harness the best data coverage, content and depth. The partner programme enables us access to CoCredo’s data, which helps our team access the best data for active cases.  It also enables us to extend to our clients the data access that we use and know that we are recommending credit reports that best suit our client’s requirements.  We have many clients who have been delighted with the introduction, creating an added layer of confidence in our relationship.

Would you recommend the Partner Programme to other businesses?
Baker Ing would certainly recommend the CoCredo Partner Programme to other companies and Consultants. They will benefit from building stronger relationships with their clients and genuine thanks and appreciation from the companies who then benefit from what CoCredo have to offer.

What CoCredo services do you use?
Baker Ing is a client of CoCredo and we utilise both domestic UK credit reports and international data.  What we enjoy about working with the CoCredo team is the excellent customer service we receive. We choose to work with the business because they are essentially a data aggregator that sources the best business information for the countries they cover. CoCredo is able to deliver us a centralised service by using the best data sources by country and in a standardised format.

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