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Spotlight on our Affinity Programme

  • 29/03/2018
  • Jane Bray

This month we explain more about our Affinity Programme and how it could benefit you…

What is it and how does it work?
Simply put it is a scheme whereby you can endorse our fantastic services to your clients and if they choose to use us you can earn a generous commission. It’s as simple as that!

There are two options available…

Introducer - All you have to do is explain to them what we do and how you use us, then if they are happy for you to do so, pass on their details to us and we can follow this up (alternatively they can call us and advise that they have been recommended by you).

Partnership – This is where you introduce the account, we assist with the quote and setting it up but you then manage the account going forward. More work is involved on your part, but the commission is considerably more generous.

With either option, all members will be required to complete an agreement which highlights the terms of business for both parties to ensure that everybody is on the same page and so that you can have peace of mind. A detailed induction would also need to be completed.

CoCredo successfully manage numerous partnerships at present and offer a range of flexible options so that the level of endorsement is tailored to you.

Joanne Day is our Affinity Partner Manager and she looks after the scheme. If you have any queries on how it could work for you, please call her on 01494 790600 and she will be happy to talk it through with you.

And don't just take our word for it, hear what our Partners have to say....

Charles Mayhew, MD of Everything credit, makes recommendations on all credit related services. He tells us of his experience using the Affinity Partnership.

“I work with a variety of companies advising them on how to get the best services from the best suppliers available. Having worked closely with CoCredo for over 8 years, I am confident in recommending CoCredo’s products and services as I use them for my own business. I have found that all my introduced clients have renewed their contracts happily, and personally it has generated a fair commission for everything credit. 

I work closely with Jo and have built up a close and trusting relationship with her. We speak on a weekly basis and she helps me with quotes and advises me on what products and services would be the most appropriate fit for my clients. I have a good reputation in my industry and wouldn’t recommend a service that I felt wasn’t of top quality. If I require further insight in to any report the customer service team are on hand to look into this for me.

I would recommend the Affinity Scheme to anyone who wishes to add an additional revenue stream to their business.”