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Talking Credit Podcast

  • 17/06/2020
  • Jane Bray

We have recently launched our new podcast Talking Credit. This has been designed to bring you the latest industry stories from credit professionals. Our first recording took place just before lockdown and was with Laurie Beagle and Martyn Brooke from Forums International.  In the first part of this interview Dan Hancocks (our MD at CoCredo) discusses the issues surrounding the Late Payment Act, offshoring and the rise in limited companies filing as Micro-entities.

We have also recorded a selection of vodcasts, varying in length, with customers discussing the current Covid-19 situation and how it is affecting workplaces and different industries. So far, we have spoken to Jon and Charlie from ACS Office Solutions, Vineesh Madaan from Bluestone Leasing, David Encell from Prophet Group and Richard Osbourn from Business Data Group.

All of our vodcasts are available in audio also so you can easily listen to any of them whilst working, in the car or doing a workout!

To listen to the interviews visit our Talking Credit pages here:

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