cocredo - company credit checks

Tech Update

  • 27/01/2021
  • Jane Bray

We are always looking for ways to make our products and services the best they can be, therefore, we have made a couple of improvements to our system that we would like to tell you about.

Secure upload systems

We have made some changes to the data upload functions as we have been trying to make this section more user friendly and intuitive.

The new upload functions allow you a more secure method for sending us your data via an upload form allowing you to choose whether to upload company references, to add companies into DNA portfolios or to add companies into monitoring. Our experienced team will check the files over before applying any changes to data on your account.

Customer support system

We have released some new updates relating to the ‘Contact’ and ‘Need Help’ forms on our portal. We can now offer direct support from reports, meaning if you have any queries about a report you can contact us directly through the portal and your conversation history will be logged should you ever need to access it again.

This enables you and us to keep a track of questions and responses and will hopefully enable us to be even more responsive to your queries.

This is available to all customers who have logged in to their accounts.