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Frequently Asked Questions

The login form includes a 'forgotten password?' link which will enable the user to enter their email address and once this has been submitted then a temporary login link will be sent through to this email address providing, that it is registered on the user's account. If the same email address is registered on several user accounts, the email would contain several login links - one for each account. Watch a video tutorial
By going to 'user profile' on the dashboard and amending the password field.
Please call the Customer Service Team on (01494) 790600 and we will assist you with this.
The report will take a few seconds to load as it is generated from a live feed that comes from a variety of sources, it will then appear on your screen. This is the same for UK, Southern Ireland and International reports.
Yes you can, there is a button on the report to convert it to a pdf file as long as you have adobe installed. Please remember that all of our reports are live and generated at the time you run it. Therefore if you refer back to a saved report from a few days or even weeks previously, it may not be an accurate score due to the constant change in a company's position.
The reports are constantly updated. All of the information is on a live feed, so it never becomes stale and is constantly refreshed.
Yes. We have a dedicated Customer Service Team on a non-premium local number (01494) 790600, based at our offices in Buckinghamshire. Our team of highly experienced and friendly consultants will help you with any queries you have about a report.
In the same way you would normally search a Limited company. If no details are found on the search we can launch a manual investigation free of charge and, if successful, provide a report based on the information collected.
If a company is registered at Companies House it will show up on our database. In some cases businesses are not yet registered; in these instances please contact our Customer Services Team on (01494) 790600.
If you would like to raise a query on a report you can ring our Customer Services Team on (01494) 790600 or email and provide them with any information you have on the company you wish to query.
In the same way as you search for a UK company. You just need to click the drop down box at the foot of the company search page, and change the country from UK to Ireland.
By clicking on the International Company Search box. It is important when filling in the information, to select the country and region you wish to search.
A subsidiary is a corporation that is more than 50 percent owned by another corporation and will have a different legal business name from its parent company. A subsidiary must be either a single location, a headquarters, or a parent. A subsidiary may have branches and/or subsidiaries of its own.
A parent is a corporation that owns more than 50 percent of another corporation. The parent company may also be a subsidiary of another corporation. If the parent also has branches/divisions, then it is also a headquarters. Parents can have both direct and indirect subsidiaries, indirect subsidiaries being those that have another company in between the subsidiary and the parent.
The credit limit shows the total value of goods and / or services the 'average' creditor should have outstanding at any one time with an organisation. It is not necessarily the maximum the organisation can afford. Be aware that it is not advised to extend more than the recommended amount of credit at any one time.
The risk index is calculated using a wide range of information. For a breakdown please contact the Customer Service Team on (01494) 790600 for more details.
The reports are constantly updated. All of the information is on a live feed, so it never becomes stale and is constantly refreshed. Therefore new data will enter the report, and old data will leave it on a regular basis.
Filing requirements at vary between company types, sizes and from country to country. So, for example, smaller limited companies in the UK are only required to file abbreviated accounts. The amount of information filed obviously has a direct impact on the level of detail supplied in the report.
Different companies use different sources of information and have their own formulae in place to calculate credit, and predict business failure. All of the information we provide has been run through a series of complex scoring algorithms in order to calculate the credit score.
Every case is different, for the best advice call our Customer Services Team on (01494) 790 600 and speak to one of our experienced consultants. They will look at your report for you, and highlight the areas that could be improved.
A newly incorporated company could get a credit rating straight away if it files all of the relevant details with Companies House.
Out Of Business, the company is no longer trading.
Yes. If you log in, go to monitoring on the dashboard and click on monitoring options.
Yes, we offer a monitoring service on international companies, for further details call your Account Manager on (01494) 790 600.
You can log into the system and pay by credit card, or select to pay by invoice. For any assistance or to speak to your Account Manager call (01494) 790 600.
Your points are used to 'buy' UK & Ireland (excluding Southern Ireland non ltd) reports and monitoring. These start at 8 points for a Level 1 report, 10 points for a Level 2 report and 14 points for a Level 3 report. If you wish to monitor a company the report will deduct 16 points from your account each time. Standard list price is £1.00 per point, although we offer discounts for package purchases. For further information call (01494) 790 600 and ask to speak to an Account Manager.
Yes as long as you have the privilege to reset quotas. You can amend this by going into your company profile via the dashboard, scroll down to account quotas and reset usage. Or you can call your Account Manager or our Customer Service Team on (01494) 790600.
Yes. We provide consumer information in partnership with TransUnion. For more information or to view some samples please call our Helpdesk on (01494) 790 600.

A soft credit check, a preliminary review of specific information in your credit report, is crucial in business credit decisions. Companies conduct soft searches to determine the likelihood of your application being approved without scrutinising your credit history. This type of check does not affect your credit score or ability to obtain credit. In the main, business credit checks throughout the industry are all soft, providing you with reassurance and confidence in your credit decisions.

A hard credit check is when a company conducts a comprehensive search of your credit report, with each check recorded. Any company searching your report can see that you’ve applied for credit. Too many hard credit checks over a short period can affect your credit score for six months, potentially reducing your ability to get approved for credit in the future. On the other hand, a complex credit search involves a detailed review of your credit record, which may also impact your credit score and eligibility


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