cocredo - company credit checks

Our innovative user friendly marketing tools that can help your business to gain more customers and target specific target markets. Utilising good marketing data to maximise leads and pinpoint strong potential customers is a necessity for all sales driven businesses. Using poor data impacts productivity, harms customer retention, lowers lifetime value and prevents new customer acquisition.


BeUpdated which can match company details through appending data that is available. For example, you can provide us with a list of your customer names and we can return this to you enhanced with a wealth of additional information relating to that specific business including:

  • Business status
  • Credit Limit and Risk Score
  • Telephone Number
  • Turnover
  • Line of Business
  • Employee Figure
  • Directors
  • Start Year

BeUpdated provides you with a spreadsheet to include selected fields which allows you to make a comparison on each businesses that you work with and sort the data to your requirements.

Corporate Profiling

Corporate Profiling offers a detailed and accurate analysis of your ledger providing financial metrics, such as, their overall credit rating, financial headlines, director's information, global structure and much more.

We incorporate all of the data into an easy to read spreadsheet meaning that you do not need to read each and every report. The spreadsheet enables you to compare and analyse trends and patterns which in turn will help you to create suitable marketing and sales strategies appropriate to their financial stability. This service will also allow you to quickly identify any companies that are no longer trading.

Your ledger can be updated daily, weekly, monthly or annually and can be complimented with our Premium Monitoring Service so that you are proactively notified of changes occurring within your ledger.

CoCredo will provide you with a professional and detailed report summarising our analysis and highlighting areas of concern and success in the data provided.

BeUpdated and Corporate Profiling are clever marketing tools that can be used to concentrate on target markets that are relevant for your business needs so that you can utilise your time effectively.