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Why Is Credit Management Important

Managing credit involves:

  • Offering credit to consumers.
  • Setting up payment terms and conditions enables suppliers to make timely and complete payments.
  • Collecting payments.
  • Ensuring that customers adhere to your company's credit policy.

By implementing effective credit management strategies, businesses can optimise their cash flow and ensure long-term success. Don't wait until it's too late - take proactive steps to safeguard your business against financial risks.

Late payments and defaults are common. Minimising them is critical for financial health. A credit management system is crucial for avoiding survival risks.

Credit and debt management are crucial for small to medium-sized businesses, as 20% of bankruptcies are due to customers not paying invoices, which can harm creditworthiness. It ensures that the company deals with the correct customers on the appropriate terms and collects payments on time to operate.

How We Can Assist

Depending on your challenges and priorities, we can assist with the following credit resource solutions:

  • Help resolve short-term receivables collection and credit issues
  • Risk-rating your customer portfolio and recommending credit limits
  • Comprehensive data reviews on specific companies across multiple sources
  • Automation and Digitalisation advice
  • Credit policy and department audit completions
  • Designing credit policies and processes
  • Developing KPIs and SLAs
  • Advising on organisational capability and transformation
  • Supporting and advising on outsourcing projects, such as debt recovery
  • Involvement in automation projects and advising on credit-specific solutions (EG: digital documentation, automated credit management, collections of cash allocation)
  • Advising on and developing credit insurance programmes
  • Challenging credit insurers to improve and optimise insured limits
  • Provide team training and mentoring
  • Being the CFO’s sounding board and eyes and ears, virtual senior credit manager or director

By employing effective credit management procedures, you can help your business bring in the revenue it’s entitled to and ensure long-term business continuity.

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Panel Of Credit Resource Experts

CoCredo can provide access to an experienced panel of credit resource experts to help shape and manage effective credit performance.

Our partners have worked with both in-house and outsourced UK and international environments and supported start-ups to Fortune 500 companies across various sectors.

They will assist with creating tailored solutions to short- or long-term challenges and support their implementation. A virtual credit director arrangement is also possible.

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Implementing credit management can boost profits by eliminating late payments, enhancing cash flow, and decreasing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

It also provides access to more liquidity, allowing for intelligent business investments and acquisitions while creating a more professional corporate image. If we cannot offer a credit resource solution directly, our network of partners can assist you.

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