cocredo - company credit checks

Particularly in these difficult and unpredictable times, effective credit management can protect your business from the serious implications of delayed or lost cash flow - your firm’s lifeblood. It ensures you are dealing with the right customers on the right terms; and that payments are being collected punctually to enable the business to operate. Going beyond that, it is also knowing when and where to deploy third party assistance, such as in the likes of working with debt recovery specialists.

We at CoCredo can provide access to an expert panel of credit resources with rich experience in shaping and managing effective credit performance. With many years of senior exposure to in-house and outsourced UK and international environments, our partners have supported companies in a range of industries, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. They work with you to design solutions to short- or long-term challenges and can remain engaged to support their implementation, should you so wish. A virtual credit director arrangement is also possible.

A number of custom services are available, depending on your challenges and priorities, including:

- Helping you to resolve specific short-term receivables collection and credit issues

- Risk-rating your customer portfolio and recommending credit limits

- More comprehensive data reviews on specific companies, with greater manual research across multiple sources

- Advice on Automation and Digitalisation

- Completing credit policy and department audits

- Designing credit policies and processes

- Developing KPIs and SLAs

- Advising on organisational capability and transformation

- Supporting and advising on outsourcing projects, such as debt recovery

- Involvement in automation projects and advising on credit-specific solutions, for example, digital documentation, automated credit management, collections of cash allocation

- Advising on, and developing and optimising, credit insurance programmes

- Challenging credit insurers to improve and optimise insured limits

- Providing training and mentoring to your team

- Being the CFO’s sounding board and eyes and ears. Virtual senior credit manager or director

If we cannot directly provide a solution, our vast network of connected partners can find positive outcomes to your challenge so please discuss this with us and see if we can help. Call us on 01494 790600 to find out more.