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Your credit score represents a summary of your financial background. Improving your score can lead to more attractive credit options and cost savings.

Business Credit Monitoring

Business credit reports and scores can change frequently based on various factors such as the number of credit transactions, outstanding balances, and timely payment history.

Our Company Monitoring is available on many of our UK and International reports, allowing you to track the changes occurring in businesses you trade with at home and abroad. We will show positive and negative changes that could impact your business.

Stay informed about your customer's activities and financial status with Business Monitoring. Receive real-time updates and risk alerts to help you make safe and prompt business decisions.

How our UK, Ireland and International Credit Monitoring service can help you:

  • Make informed decisions about who to do business with 
  • Access the company overview, including scores and ratings, and company information, such as the line of business and any CCJs.
  • Capitalise on new prospects by responding promptly when credit scores improve.
  • Be continually aware of your customers’ business activities and status with real-time tracking and reporting.

If you're looking for additional credit monitoring services for Irish businesses, please note that we only provide this service if they are an incorporated company.

Contact our Customer Service team to determine if we offer Business credit monitoring services in the countries you require.

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Monitor any ongoing risks that could affect your business

Our Premium Monitoring service informs you of what is being reported about the companies you work with. Our business credit monitoring service continuously monitors various aspects of a company's credit report. It promptly flags any issues to the business owner or financial manager that would cause a decrease in credit limit or risk score, including:

  • Receive daily or weekly alerts about the financial performance of your selected businesses for 12 months.
  • Details on county court judgments, management changes, and other essential updates. 
  • Any updates or alterations in a company's risk or credit score.
  • Changes to payment history.
  • Changes made to the directors and financial performance.

Being informed enables you to react promptly to any changes. Renew your Business Credit Monitoring Services annually for current and relevant daily notifications.

You can also remove any companies from your monitoring list whenever you want, so you only receive updates on the ones you currently work with. We can also offer bulk deletions on request. 

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As one of the UK's best credit score monitoring companies, we integrate credit risk data with our partners to generate an accurate overview of your clients and their payment behaviour, allowing you to protect your organisation from any risks.

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Check a company credit score. 

Our team of professionals can provide company credit reports and credit monitoring services for businesses based in the UK and Ireland. 

Our business credit report service provides financial reports and credit scores from companies in 236 countries/territories - the most extensive international database.

In addition, we offer CRM integration, Dual Reports, Business Credit Monitoring and other essential business credit score checking services.

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It is important to continually track any changes happening as it provides valuable insights into a company's financial performance so that you can react quickly if necessary to protect your own business.

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