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Your credit score represents a summary of your financial background. Improving your score can lead to more attractive credit options and cost savings.

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Stay informed about the bigger financial picture through our user-friendly platform, which provides an easy way to instantly access the most current company files.

You can access over 200 million documents instantly, including company annual returns, capital and share documents, and mortgage index reports.

You can buy past documents and critical information on our site. Furthermore, our UK company documents are free for customers.

Log in, search for the company you need, and download the necessary documents. You can also access these documents through our company credit reports. 

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Free Company House Downloads

If you are considering working with a new client or supplier, this information can help you make informed decisions. 

When prospecting a business, utilising Companies House documents for invaluable insights regarding their finances and decision-makers is imperative.

Access to reliable and high-quality business information can simplify decision-making and enable you to make informed choices. CoCredo's Company Credit Reports are essential for decision-making. Our reports always contain the latest accounts, and you can download specific documents using our Companies House link if you are considering working with a new client or supplier to make a more informed decision.

The company’s information listed below can be accessed free of charge:

  • Company Type
  • Incorporation date
  • Company name and registration number
  • Registered office address Nature of business
  • Company status
  • Account type e.g. Dormant, abbreviated or full
  • Earlier company names
  • Details of current secretary and directors

You can access this service anytime, day or night, and the documents are ready for download immediately.

Accessing Irish company documents from CRO

You can now purchase Irish documents from information provided by the Companies Registration Office (CRO), which is the central source for public statutory information on Irish businesses.

Accessing essential documents related to Irish registered companies has never been easier! By logging into our platform, you can instantly access over 200 million documents, including company annual returns, capital and share documents, and mortgage index reports.

Our platform provides various report options to help you locate the desired company and download the necessary documents via our company credit reports.

The list of documents is also available within the company report, which can be downloaded as a PDF and is available at £3 each.

Companies House is a division of the Department for Business, Skills, and Innovation. It regulates and incorporates limited liability partnerships and limited businesses in the United Kingdom. These documents are kept as image files and supplied to businesses for financial assessment.

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Excellent service from CoCredo.                                                                                                                                                                          

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