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Your credit score represents a summary of your financial background. Improving your score can lead to more attractive credit options and cost savings.

Our DUAL Reporting Service is unique in the credit report industry. Unlike any other report in the market, a multi-agency credit report allows users to view two credit report sources in one simple-to-read report offering multiple credit recommendations to give a more rounded view of a company's finances so that you can make more informed business decisions.

CoCredo's Dual Report

In response to increasing customer demand, we have streamlined the process by consolidating company credit check reports from two different providers into a single, comprehensive report. This enables our customers to easily compare credit scores and ensures consistency in the information provided, while also highlighting any discrepancies.

Benefits of using our Multi-agency Business Credit Report:

  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Our award-winning support team is available to address any enquiries regarding the report.
  • ONE log-in - All data in ONE report
  • A more rounded view of a company's finances so that you can make more informed business decisions.
  • Cost-effective pricing option, especially if you’re already sourcing credit reports from existing credit agencies. 
  • No need to navigate two different systems as data is accessible via our central dashboard.  
  • Highlights exceptions in the data from multiple sources. 

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Our Dual Report Features

When conducting a credit check on a company, it is crucial to access multiple reports to understand the business's performance and financial stability.

This is where our multi-agency company credit report can assist you in making more confident business decisions when dealing with your suppliers and customers:

  • Assess two credit opinions side by side in one central dashboard. 
  • Multiple independent risk indicators
  • Ability to review previous credit history from two perspectives.
  • Receive a broader range of payment information. 
  • Extract and download financial, Group structure and management data directly from your credit report in a CSV format. 
  • Identifies red flags that one report may not present. 
  • Dual Report also includes Payments, Public Records (CCJs etc), Financials and Business Structure.

Our dashboard eliminates the need to log into multiple systems and compare business credit reports in different formats. Instead, it condenses all this information into one comprehensive report, which is easy to read. This report accesses the best company credit check data from two credit reference sources, streamlining the process significantly.

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Check a company credit score. 

Our team of professionals can provide company credit reports and credit monitoring services for businesses based in the UK and Ireland. 

Our business credit report service provides financial reports and credit scores from companies in 236 countries/territories - the most extensive international database.

In addition, we offer CRM integration, Dual Reports, Business Credit Monitoring and other essential business credit score checking services.

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A really great company to deal with, listened to my requirements and came up with a suitable package for our company. David was really easy to talk to and a pleasure to deal with. This is a highly recommended company.

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Have used the services from CoCredo for several years now and have always found their data insightful, informative and the customer support team always on hand and helpful in walking me through any questions I've had.

Forums International (Forums International)

CoCredo are Corporate Partners of Forums International Ltd. Dan Hancocks and his team are very supportive and a pleasure to deal with. Good customer service I know is one of their key objectives as well as delivering a great product. I am pleased to be associated with CoCredo and give them my endorsement. Laurie Beagle FCICM.

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