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Your credit score represents a summary of your financial background. Improving your score can lead to more attractive credit options and cost savings.

Our DUAL Reporting Service is unique in the credit report industry. Unlike any other report in the market, a multi-agency credit report allows users to view two credit report sources in one simple-to-read report offering multiple credit recommendations to give a more rounded view of a company's finances so that you can make more informed business decisions.

CoCredo's Dual Report

Regarding a company's credit scores, customers can only access one opinion in a credit report. As a result, many individuals are now seeking reports from two different providers to gain multiple viewpoints. 

However, we have simplified this process by consolidating both opinions into a single report. This makes it easier to compare credit scores and provides reassurance that the information provided is consistent or highlights any apparent differences.

Additionally, the data presented in the report resembles that of our current business credit checks. It's important to note that while your credit scores may differ, they are all derived from the information contained within your credit reports. We strongly advise you to review and monitor your credit reports frequently to be aware of any updates.

TWO recommendations - ONE credit report

Many of our customers now want to view multiple reports when running a credit check on a company to gain a wider understanding of the business's performance and financial stability to give them more confidence in making the right decisions.

Our multi-agency credit report DUAL Report removes the costly and time-consuming process of logging into different systems and comparing business credit reports in different formats by condensing this information into one simple-to-read comprehensive report by accessing the best company credit data from two credit reference sources in one report.

This report will provide a comprehensive business view, combining essential business elements from both providers.

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Having worked with CoCredo now for 12 months, utilising both their domestic and international plans I find their services to be the best in this market with in depth reports and user friendly interfaces. Their Customer Service Team is second to none with proactive, friendly, approachable and knowledgeable staff that are a joy to work with and their analysts proactively and rapidly find what is sometimes the most hard too come-by data.

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Easy to see that good customer service is a main focus at CoCredo. Staff are always willing to help assist you in any way they can, whether it be notifying you of new services or helping you find the best deal that's right for your company. Award winning company and MD for a reason!

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