cocredo - company credit checks

Consumer reports are used to verify customer identities, to decide whether to provide credit, insurance, employment, and many other purposes to help you make knowledgeable business decisions. CoCredo work with the industry leaders of consumer information TransUnion (formerly CallCredit) and introduce you directly. Some of the more popular reports available are the CallReport, CallID and CallML, highlighted below.


Call Validate is an identity verification and fraud prevention solution provided by TransUnion (formerly CallCredit). It allows you to validate an individual’s identity, bank and payment card details in real-time and conduct a wide range of fraud checks, all within a single search. CallVallidate can aid in detecting and preventing fraud, meeting Anti-Money Laundering regulations, reducing operational costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

CallML and CAllID

CallML and CallID are still offered to existing clients, however are now incorporated within the CallValidate product. CallValidate must have an ID module (CallID) or ML module (CallML) at its base. Then additional fraud and validation checks can be added if the client wishes. CallValidate was developed to offer a more extensive ID or AML check to businesses due to an increase in online/digital fraud.


CallReport looks at Consumer Credit Referencing and is a credit report which confirms an applicant’s name, address and the presence or absence of any adverse public data. As a basic identification, verification and authentication service, CallReport is a valuable tool to a whole range of industries dealing with consumers. It also shows the applicant’s record of payment of their credit commitments, loans, credit cards and mortgages etc (dependent on the company and if they can receive this information).

The majority of companies can only receive public level information showing CCJ’s, IVA’s and bankruptcy information. To access the information above a company typically must be a lender or have entered into a credit agreement with the consumer. This also involves sharing data back with TransUnion.