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Your credit score represents a summary of your financial background. Improving your score can lead to more attractive credit options and cost savings.


CallValidate is an identity verification and fraud prevention solution provided by TransUnion UK (formerly CallCredit) credit score.

CallValidate allows you to validate and verify identity, bank, and payment card details in real time and conduct a wide range of fraud checks, all within a single search.

CallValidate credit report can aid in detecting and preventing fraud, meeting Anti-Money Laundering regulations, reducing operational costs, and increasing customer satisfaction.

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CallML and CAllID

CallML and CallID are still offered to existing clients, however, they are now incorporated within the CallValidate product.

Call Validate must have an ID module (CallID) or ML module (CallML) at its base. Then additional fraud and validation checks can be added if the client wishes.

CallValidate was developed to offer businesses a more extensive ID or AML check due to increased online/digital fraud.


CallReport looks at Consumer Credit Referencing and is a credit report confirming an applicant's name, address, and presence or absence of adverse public data. As an essential identification, verification, and authentication service,

CallReport is a valuable tool for industries dealing with consumers. It displays the applicant's payment records for credit commitments, loans, credit cards, mortgages, etc. The availability of this information depends on the company.

When accessing information about CCJs, IVA, and bankruptcy, most companies can only access public-level data. However, a company typically needs to be a lender or have a credit agreement with the consumer to view more detailed information. This process involves sharing data with TransUnion UK.

CoCredo partners with top industry leaders and utilises TransUnion credit reports to provide reliable credit information. Our most sought-after reports are CallReport, CallID, and CallML.

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Businesses often use consumer reports to verify customer identities to determine whether to offer credit, insurance, or employment. 
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