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Join thousands of SMEs who use our flexible & affordable credit risk online portfolio management tool to properly evaluate and track the creditworthiness of their customers and suppliers.

What is our D.N.A Management Tool?

Our portfolio management tool provides an online dashboard with a complete and current view of a specific ledger or entire portfolio in a spreadsheet format.

Late payment and default situations occur with alarming frequency; minimising them is crucial to your company's financial health.

Customers who fail to pay their bills or pay late might directly affect your company's future, which is why a risk management system is essential.

CoCredo's Risk Index and Credit Management

Introducing our innovative Dynamic Notification & Analysis (D.N.A.) - an online portfolio risk index and credit management tool.

Efficiently manage your ledger(s) by consolidating company credit check searches into an online dashboard with spreadsheet-style ease using this portfolio management tool.

Credit risk management is essential for businesses to evaluate and monitor the creditworthiness of new customers. Small-to-medium enterprises are at higher risk of bankruptcy when customers fail to pay their invoices.

Effective credit risk management procedures can ensure sustained business success and secure revenue.

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Our Portfolio Management Tool

Our DNA portfolio tool provides real-time credit risk insights for businesses you regularly interact with, ensuring dependable data.

Please ask us to upload your details so we can analyse and react accordingly to any risky circumstances. Moreover, this tool provides a record of the financial statements of each business, which helps you manage the risk exposure of your entire portfolio more efficiently.

We offer over 40 field headings so you can customise your dashboard by selecting single or multiple portfolios to suit your needs, enabling you to quickly identify any historical or critical changes in the company.

  • V.A.T. number
  • Tangible net worth
  • Region
  • Current assets
  • Debtor days
  • Pre-tax profit margin

Our Graphical Analysis tool allows you to efficiently review and oversee reports for each portfolio and view a comprehensive summary of all your portfolios. 

You can utilise this tool to analyse risk index and delinquency scores, manage credit risks and limits for your ledger, and identify trends and comparisons.

Portfolio Management Tool - Key Benefits

The key benefits of using CoCredo's D.N.A. cloud-based portfolio management tool include the following:

  • Critical in reducing bad debt
  • Maximise cash flow
  • Optimise sales opportunities by highlighting available credit
  • Enables users to be proactive by seeing fresh information 24/7 across their ledger
  • Compare industry payment experiences with your own
  • Significant time and cost savings by only having to load a fresh report every 12 months
  • Profile and customise field headings so that you see just the information that you need
  • Available online with unlimited user access to avoid duplication of reports and allow all users within your company to see the same data
  • Identify high and low-risk customers so that you can react accordingly to each
  • Constant monitoring of your ledger so that you always stay one step ahead

Our D.N.A. tool can send daily notifications and track changes in your business ledger, with a convenient option to view a detailed analysis.

Finance teams should utilise the best credit risk management technologies to enhance productivity, eliminate bad debt, and improve cash flow.

If you want to learn more about our D.N.A. credit risk management tool, please don't hesitate to contact us at 01494 790 600.

Our Monitoring Service

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Our team of professionals can provide company credit score checks and offer credit monitoring services for businesses based in the UK and Ireland or if you work with global partners in over 235 countries.

In addition, we offer CRM integration, Dual Reports, Credit Management Solutions and other essential business credit check services.

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