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I Am Owed Money - What Are My Options?

The fewer customers who end up in collections, the better!

When a customer has yet to pay you, it's important to take action to collect the debt.

You can either chase the debt yourself or seek help from a third party. If the debtor refuses to pay, third-party debt collection can be a helpful solution. Many people immediately think of seeking legal assistance and hiring a solicitor. However, there is another option available.

Through CoCredo's network of partners, we can assist with business debt collection on your behalf.

Collecting Debt On Your Behalf

CoCredo partners with leading debt recovery firms to assist in reclaiming funds that rightfully belong to you. Our goal is to alleviate your organisation's burden of bad debt.

Businesses that neglect to pay their invoices usually ignore reminders and do not grasp the seriousness of their behaviour. We provide a formal and lawful document called a Letter Before Action (LBA) to combat this. This letter informs the debtor of the repercussions of non-payment.

Our competitive fixed rate makes this service accessible to you, and if you submit your request before 3pm, we can issue the LBA on the same day.

What Our Service Offers

We offer a wealth of debt recovery solutions including:

  • Sending letters before action
  • Issuing & serving Court proceedings
  • Issuing & serving Statutory Demands
  • Tracing of Debtors
  • Enforcement of Judgments
  • Winding up proceedings against limited companies
  • Bankruptcy of individuals

Our debt recovery service could save you time and stress while creating a healthier business cash flow. Solving one of the most frustrating issues for any finance department couldn't be easier.

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Recovering unpaid customer debt doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming.

CoCredo offers debt management and recovery solutions that provide accurate and up-to-date insights into why customers have fallen behind with their payments.

This helps you work with them to repay their debts while strengthening your relationship and reputation.

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Chasing outstanding invoices and debt costs companies valuable time and resources. Debt recovery is fundamental to the health of any business and there can be a whole range of complicating factors involved in the process.
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