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Latest winner of CoCredo's 'High Five' Award

  • 29/06/2023
  • Paul Atkinson


concept showing CoCredo winner of High 5 team award

Our High Five Awards acknowledge a team member who has contributed to the business. This recognition is for those who have shown extraordinary passion and drive and played a critical role in looking after our customers or improving the company's performance.

As individuals, they work tirelessly behind the scenes and play a crucial role in the success of a business. These individuals are the company's backbone and deserve recognition for their hard work. The awards are a way for coworkers to give a heartfelt "high five" to show appreciation for everything they do.

During our meeting on June 22nd, Dan revealed the recipient of his "High Five Award," which recognizes individuals or teams who have gone above and beyond to achieve results in alignment with the company's goals and values. This award celebrates exceptional effort and achievement.

This quarter’s worthy winner is .... Lisa Boots, our Corporate Account Manager. 

Recognition and Reward

Dan Hancocks, Managing Director of CoCredo, said: “Having worked for CoCredo for over ten years, Lisa consistently goes above and beyond and exceeds all expectations.  She genuinely cares for her customers and teammates and is always available to help and offer her time, experience and support. 

She has championed numerous projects outside her Account Manager role and should be recognised for everything she has done, does, and will undoubtedly do in moving CoCredo forward.  Thank you, Lisa.”

Keep an eye out for the next quarterly update to see which team member is crowned as our next worthy winner!

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