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Monthly UK company insolvency statistics August 2023

  • 20/09/2023
  • Paul Atkinson
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The Insolvency Service has published its monthly report, which contains crucial data on individuals and companies experiencing financial issues and undergoing insolvency procedures.

In August 2023, the amount of registered company insolvencies reached 2,308, which was 19% more compared to the same month in the previous year (1,941 in August 2022). This figure surpassed the levels recorded while the Government support measures were in effect due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and it was also higher than the pre-pandemic numbers. To summarise, the number of company insolvencies in August 2023 increased by 19% compared to August 2022.

Of the 2,308 registered company insolvencies in August 2023, there were:

  • 1,880 CVLs, which is 13% higher than in August 2022;
  • 221 were compulsory liquidations, which is 45% higher than August 2022;
  • 11 were CVAs, which is 15% lower than August 2022;
  • 195 administrations, which is 68% higher than August 2022;
  • One receivership appointment.

Figure 1: The number of registered company insolvencies in August 2023 was higher than in the same month last year, driven mostly by a higher number of CVLs. Company insolvencies, England and Wales, August 2019 to August 2023.

A line chart showing the number of registered company insolvencies in August 2023 Sources: Insolvency Service (compulsory liquidations only); Companies House (all other insolvency types)

Company Bankruptcies and Debt Relief Orders

For individuals, the total number of insolvencies in August 2023 was 8,536, 11% lower than in the same month in the previous year (9,584 in August 2022).

The individual insolvencies comprised of:

  • 648 bankruptcies
  • 2,714 debt relief orders (DROs) and 
  • 5,174 individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs). 

The number of personal insolvencies decreased due to a decline in IVAs, while DRO and bankruptcy numbers increased. However, bankruptcies remained less than half of pre-2020 levels.

Figure 2: Bankruptcy and DRO numbers were higher in August 2023 than in August 2022, while IVA numbers so far in 2023 have been lower than the record-high numbers in 2022. Individual insolvencies in England and Wales between August 2019 to August 2023.

A line chart showing individual voluntary arrangements and debt relief ordersSource: Insolvency Service

Figure 3: The number of administrations in August 2023 was higher than in August 2022 and also higher than in August 2019, while CVAs have remained lower.

A line graph showing the number of administrations in August 2023

How CoCredo Company Credit Checks service can help

CoCredo MD, Dan Hancocks, says: “The corporate insolvency numbers for August were the highest in four years due to a combination of long-term economic problems, tired directors, and pressure from creditors. More companies are entering insolvency proceedings to resolve financial issues or close down.

The number of Creditors' Voluntary Liquidations is still high, as many directors opt to shut down their companies. Additionally, compulsory liquidation figures reached a four-year peak in August as creditors persisted in seeking payment for their debts.

Unfortunately, businesses are facing multiple challenges that are impacting their profitability. One of these challenges is the ongoing issue of cost inflation, which has persisted and is still higher than anticipated despite some expected relief.

Directors should be vigilant for any indications of financial distress within their business and seek advice promptly. If there are concerns regarding suppliers or the company's financial state, please feel free to contact us for assistance.”

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