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Introducing The Industry-First Pharmacy Credit Report Data

  • 17/06/2024
  • Paul Atkinson

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In the fast-paced world of healthcare, innovation is vital to ensuring the well-being of individuals and communities. Today, we are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking development to reshape how the pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain industries can access credit score and credit report information.  

CoCredo is introducing Pharmacy Credit Report Data - a game-changer in the credit report industry, to help you make more informed business decisions when selling into or working with Pharmacies across the UK. 

With our data-driven information, you can get a practical picture of your customers' financial performance month by month and improve the efficiency of your business operations. You can also receive daily proactive email updates on changes to the pharmacy's creditworthiness.

Our Solution: Pharmacy Business Credit Scores and Reports

Our industry-first Pharmacy Credit Report Data marks a significant leap forward in healthcare financing. By providing stakeholders with unparalleled insights into their customers financial health and performance, we aim to accelerate positive change within the pharmaceutical industry.

Our team has successfully filled the healthcare supply chain and pharmacy industry gap by creating unparalleled credit scores and reports.

We are confident that our solution will provide immense value to your business by offering insight-driven decisions to support your commercial needs.

  1. Financial Health Metrics: Evaluate the fiscal performance of pharmacy companies with key financial indicators such as revenue growth, profitability, and liquidity ratios.
  2. Gain insights into capital structure, debt levels, and overall financial stability.
  3. Stay ahead of market trends by accessing real-time data on market share, competitive landscape, and emerging opportunities.
  4. Identify potential risks and opportunities by comparing the performance of pharmacy companies within the industry.

With our customised credit scores and reports, you can access the most current monthly rolling information, giving you the pharmacy insights you need to make informed business decisions. Our service makes revenue calculations easy, saving time and ensuring accurate results.

All our multiple source data can be exported into a CSV file. 

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Our service offers access to a wide range of pharmacies. Our credit reports provide data on all General Pharmaceutical Council-regulated UK pharmacists and pharmacies in Great Britain.

Key Features 
  • Number of forms and prescriptions a pharmacy has every month over a 12-month rolling basis. 
  • The number of forms and prescriptions a pharmacy has processed each month.
  • See an overall trend of how well a particular pharmacy is performing. 

This type of pharmacy credit data is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage in a challenging market! 

If financial data is not available, we can show the Government revenue streams for that individual business on a month-by-month basis. Click on the 'branch link' tab on your Control Panel to see this information.  

Pharmacy Credit Report presentation at Forums International PCF forum

Watch our MD, Dan Hancocks, present our new Pharmacy Credit Reports at a recent PCF forum at Forum's International. Click the YouTube button below to watch the video:

CoCredo, MD, Dan Hancocks presenting his Pharmacy Credit Reports

Speak to our Specialist Account Managers Today!

CoCredo has provided online business credit reports, financial data, and relevant B2B credit score information to businesses and suppliers in the UK and globally for over two decades.

Evaluating the financial status of your clients and suppliers is vital to protect your company from bad debts.

By utilising these data-driven insights related to pharmacies and healthcare and supply chain industries, you can pinpoint areas of opportunity and synchronise your business operations for more effective, targeted actions to inform your credit decisions.

Our team is working on launching additional industry data, so stay tuned for further announcements.

In addition to our game-changing credit reports, we offer Business Credit Monitoring that allows you to keep track of any changes happening in pharmacists and pharmacy businesses you trade with. We can provide real-time updates on positive and negative changes and risk alerts that can help you promptly make informed and safe business decisions.

Learn how our team of experts can assist your small business with Pharmacy Credit Scores and Credit Reports Reports and Monitoring services in the UK by calling us at 01494 790600 or drop us an email, and we will be in touch as soon as possible. 

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