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  • 02/07/2024
  • Paul Atkinson

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What is Open Data?

Open data is freely available for everyone to access, use, and share, typically published by governments on accessible portals. It may include information about local areas and statistics on the economy, health, and financial institutions.

With modern technology revolutionising data collection, we are amassing more and higher quality data about our world than ever before. It's only logical to leverage this wealth of information for social, economic, public, and institutional progress.

How can Open Data benefit your UK business?

This data is not only invaluable; it's a game-changer for predictive intelligence and forecasting, revealing demographic group buying patterns and identifying new innovation opportunities.

Open data is a vast resource, readily available to all businesses, big or small, in any industry or location. It's a tool that can be harnessed by everyone to: 

  • Gain valuable insights into your business or your competitors
  • Understand your customers better
  • Enhance the user experience for customers or clients
  • Explore new markets
  • Capitalise on priority sector opportunities such as health, energy, and finance.

CoCredo is actively working with its customers and prospects to explore the opportunity to incorporate Open Data sources within its reports.  Alongside the existing data sources, this can be a ‘game-changer’ as Industry-specific data can be integrated, allowing its users to have a much more insightful view of a business. Combining this information with our API application can enhance your understanding of customers, uncover new actionable insights, and make more informed decisions, which can help reduce risk and improve customer outcomes.

We are already working with open data sources in the pharmaceutical industry. By incorporating Open Data from numerous sources, our customers in that industry already gain unique insight into a business overview, all in one easy-to-understand platform. 

How to Get Started

There's so much to explore in this field to unlock its potential. These resources will be a helpful starting point for your data journey:

  • – UK government’s grandest effort at “opening up” and making available datasets on areas such as crime, health and education.
  • Transport for London (TfL)—TfL’s real-time data is well used by many travel and transport apps, vastly improving connectivity across the capital.
  • NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre – Patient confidentiality means health data is not as readily available as some might like, but for those looking for health statistics, this is a good starting point.
  • EU Open Data Portal—This portal provides a single point of access to a growing range of data from EU institutions and other bodies. The data is free to use and reuse for commercial or non-commercial purposes.


CoCredo’s Open Data Aspirations

Our Dashboard enables rapid access to build a comprehensive view of customers' financial behaviour.

Combining this information with our analytics, Open Data, and API application empowers us to enhance your understanding of customers and uncover fresh, actionable insights.

These tools are designed to empower you to make decisions with precision, thereby reducing risk and ensuring superior outcomes for both you and your customers. They instil a sense of confidence in your decision-making process. Rather than looking on numerous platforms and trolling through vast data tables, we have been able to combine this industry-specific data directly into our reports.

Benefits include:

  • Gain a deeper and more detailed insight into a customer's financial behaviour.
  • New insights into transactional behaviour
  • Better financial decisions based on accurate data
  • Cost reduction and time-saving through automated analysis
  • Risk mitigation through fraud identification and analysis of the behaviour
  • Development of new financial decision criteria and policies

By utilising both credit information and open data together, we can effectively pinpoint customers who have the capacity to make larger payments to reduce their debt.

Additionally, this method allows us to confidently identify customers who would benefit from paying less, freeing up funds to support their daily expenses.

CoCredo would like to work with you

We are looking to work with our existing partners and pursue new partnership opportunities to discover new sources to enrich our open data source. 

Our cloud-based business intelligence software provides the tools you need to take a deep dive into the companies you work with. Gain a thorough understanding of their financial performance, protect yourself from fraud, and be instantly notified of any ongoing developments or changes.

Our Dashboard offers exclusive insights into millions of UK and international companies, leveraging market-leading data alongside our API automated system.

Stay ahead of the competition and protect yourself from financial loss by immediately identifying and managing risk.

Please call us on 01494 790600 or email us if you have data to share, suggestions for sources, or are interested in collaborating. 

Your contributions are vital to our mission of establishing a comprehensive, user-friendly open-data API platform. Together, we can unleash the power of data to drive innovation, gain deeper insight into your business or competitors, mitigate credit risk, reduce debtor days, and supercharge your cash flow!


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