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Why should my business use a Credit Reference Agency?

  • 22/02/2024
  • Paul Atkinson

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Businesses use credit referencing agencies for several reasons, primarily to assess the creditworthiness of individuals or other businesses. 

A Credit Reference Agency (CRA) is a third-party organisation that gathers and preserves data about a company's credit history and financial practices. This data is then used to evaluate the business's creditworthiness and calculate business credit scores. Based on this information, other businesses can decide whether to extend credit to your company. Typically, a business credit report includes a business credit score.

When a business purchases services it intends to pay for after receiving them or signs up for a long-term contract, it is highly likely that the seller will check its creditworthiness. For instance, if you lease laptops for your business, the provider will likely order a report from a credit reference agency to verify whether you will pay the monthly invoice on time and reliably.

If a business extends credit to a company that can’t repay, the lost revenue could eat into your cash flow. Your business could become less profitable or be unable to pay its own invoices, eventually becoming insolvent. That’s why it’s essential to understand how likely your clients are to face financial difficulties. This will allow you to manage this risk by controlling who you issue credit to and how much. You can also put plans in place to protect your business should one of your clients face difficulties paying their invoices.

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Here are some key reasons why businesses use CRA’s:

1. Risk Assessment:
These reports help businesses assess the risk of extending credit or entering into a financial transaction.

2. Credit Decision Making:
Businesses use credit reports to make informed decisions about approving or denying credit applications. The information provided by credit referencing agencies helps companies determine the likelihood that a borrower will repay their debts on time.

3. Fraud Prevention:
Credit referencing agencies help businesses identify potential instances of fraud. By comparing the information provided in credit applications with the data in credit reports, companies can detect discrepancies or suspicious activities that may indicate fraudulent behaviour.

4. Debt Recovery:
In cases where businesses have provided credit, and the borrower fails to repay, credit referencing agencies can play a role in assisting in the reclaiming of funds through debt recovery. Debt collection agencies and companies use the credit history information of debtors to recover unpaid amounts.

5. Credit Management:
Late payments and defaults are common in business. To prevent the company from going bankrupt, it's essential to have a commercial credit management system in place. Effective credit management strategies optimise cash flow and ensure long-term success.

6. UK & International Monitoring:
Credit referencing agencies will offer monitoring, which allows you to track the changes occurring in businesses you trade within the UK and worldwide by staying informed with real-time updates and risk alerts about your customers' business activities and financial status to help you make safe and prompt business decisions.

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How do I check my business credit report?

To look after your credit score, it’s important to get a full picture of how other companies view you. To do this, you can log into your CoCredo account or register as a new customer, or you can request your free trial company credit check and obtain essential financial insights on the companies you do business with. 

This score helps lenders and businesses assess the credit risk associated with the business. 

A high company credit score can provide many benefits, such as qualifying for lower interest rates on small business loans and credit cards, better terms from suppliers, and improved cash flow and financial stability.  Additionally, a reliable credit score can attract new customers to your business.

A poor business credit score can seriously hamper your company’s ability to grow. It will limit the amount of credit and the types of rates offered.

How CoCredo can assist

For over 20 years, CoCredo has provided online business credit reports, related company credit check information, and financial data to businesses and suppliers in the UK and internationally.

Evaluating the financial status of your clients, suppliers, and rivals is vital to protect your company from bad debts.

A CoCredo credit report can provide information on company structure and ownership, recommended limits, financial evaluations, payment analysis, and more. 

To keep track of your credit score or any business in the UK or over 235 territories globally and offer competitive pricing to assist users in making informed credit decisions. Please call us at 01494 790 600 or email us.

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