cocredo - company credit checks

Businesses have limited time in their busy working days so it is essential that easy access management tools are in place to alert users of significant developments in the companies that they conduct business with which is why thousands of SME's use this live, flexible and affordable management tool.

Dynamic Notification & Analysis

Dynamic Notification & Analysis (D.N.A.) is the revolutionary online portfolio management tool from CoCredo. This fantastic portfolio management tool will revolutionise the way that you manage your ledger(s) by providing you with the ability to aggregate all of your company searches into a database with an online spreadsheet style dashboard.

D.N.A is updated on a real-time basis so that you can be confident that you are viewing reliable data, whilst combining it with your own information to make suitable comparisons and highlight exceptions. It also provides a historical window into each company's vital statistics to effectively manage your risk exposure in its entirety.

There is a choice of over 40 field headings on each company and the ability to facilitate single or multiple portfolios to tailor the dashboard to your individual needs and quickly identify history or critical changes to a company.

Our Graphical Analysis provides examination and management reporting for each portfolio, but also a summary across all portfolios. It allows users to analyse at a glance the risk index, delinquency scores and credit limits on companies that are present in their ledger and identifies trends and comparison.

D.N.A can also provide daily monitoring notifications of any changes occurring with the businesses in your ledger and offers a quick view facility to click through to a detailed analysis of the individual business.

The key benefits of using D.N.A include:

  • Critical in reducing bad debt
  • Maximise cash flow
  • Optimise sales opportunities by highlighting available credit
  • Enables users to be proactive by seeing fresh information 24/7 across their ledger
  • Compare industry payment experiences with your own
  • Significant time and cost saving by only having to load a fresh report every 12 months
  • Profile and customise field headings so that you see just the information that you need
  • Available online with unlimited user access to avoid duplication of reports and allow all users within your company to see the same data
  • Identify high and low risk customers so that you can react accordingly to each
  • Constant monitoring of your ledger so that you always stay one step ahead