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CoCredo business credit reports offer valuable, unparalleled online credit scores and report insight into a business's financial stability, enabling you to make well-informed decisions promptly. Our reports comprehensively analyse a business's credit information, whether it pertains to your business or a potential customer, prospect, or supplier.

We continuously improve our credit reports and dashboards by leveraging new data sources and the latest technology to provide the tools and software necessary to empower you to make informed decisions about the creditworthiness of your customers and suppliers worldwide.

Register with us to access company credit score information and download any UK or International company via our dashboard: 

  • Up-to-date and historic business credit limits 
  • Up-to-date and historic company risk scores
  • Download group structures of a business 
  • Options to automatically monitor a company
  • Dedicated customer service help and support.

Our unique combination of data, advanced analytics, and technology helps you run a credit check on a company, uncover insights, and take decisive actions.

With CoCredo, you can ensure your business stays ahead of the game! Count on us for reliable insights and data, enabling you to grow your business confidently while reducing the risk of cash flow issues.

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What We Do

Check company credit scores. Reduce risk in your business.

To manage your business relationships effectively, clearly understand your customers' financial position. By knowing if they have any legal notices or CCJs against their business and their financial stability and credit history, you can work together more constructively and build a stronger partnership. 

For over 20 years, CoCredo has been a market-leading company providing online business credit checks, reports, and related company financial information in the UK, Ireland and overseas.

  • Continuously updated information providing trustworthy global company credit score data.
  • Cover 235 territories
  • Offer competitive pricing.

Other services include UK and International monitoring, XML Integration, portfolio management tools, and our Dual Report, which is unique to the credit industry.

Running a credit score check on a company before starting to work together can help you avoid potential financial losses. Gain valuable insights into their financial status, and make informed decisions and protect your business.

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Our Services

We provide a range of UK and global company credit check services to monitor any changes to business credit scores to assist in making informed decisions to help protect their business from fraud.


How We Work

Our objective is to help our clients build stronger connections with their customers and deliver customer-focused, technology-driven credit reporting solutions globally.

Once you become a client with us, you will be allocated a dedicated client manager to work closely with you. This manager will assist with your online company credit scores and report queries to help ensure your finance operations run smoothly.

Once set up, you will gain immediate access to all the business finance data you need to make the right business decisions confidently.

We gather, analyse, and process data so that our company credit reports give a more rounded view of a business's credit information to make more informed business decisions and build better customer relationships. 

Talk to us about receiving monitoring alerts for changes to credit scores on businesses you work with so you can understand the factors affecting a business's credit risk. - positive and negative.

We are dependable, trustworthy, and very precise. You can always reach us by phone when you need assistance.

Big enough to cope, small enough to care!

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Why Choose CoCredo




Dedicated Team

An award-winning team of experienced consultants. A single point of contact that knows your company and helps with your credit report needs.

Customer Service

Our clients feel valued and that we are a part of their customer journey, which is reflected in our 99.4% customer retention rate.


We do not automatically renew our customer contracts. We will call you on your contract anniversary to chat through your options.

Our Proposals

We are very competitively priced, with no hidden costs. All prices quoted are valid for 30 days.

Value Added Services

We are always looking to improve to streamline your processes and boost your Cash flow with the latest software & CRM systems.


We have assisted thousands of UK businesses in checking their credit scores and providing credit report solutions. We seem to be doing a good job as our clients are always happy to tell us.

Faye Batchelor

Great reports - easy to decipher and have all the information we need. Great working relationship with all we come into contact with at CoCredo - a proper partnership between our companies. Look forward to working with them next year

Vineesh Madaan

Amazing Company, Amazing Service, we have worked with them for many, many years and would highly recommend them.                                                                                        

Anthony Keohane

Great to deal with CoCredo - Have done for the last 5 years - Brilliantly fast accurate service from all the team 5*                                                                                    

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Check a company credit score. 

Our team of professionals can provide company credit reports and credit monitoring services for businesses based in the UK and Ireland. 

Our credit report service also provides financial reports and credit scores from companies in 236 countries/territories - the most extensive international database.

In addition, we offer CRM integration, Dual Reports, Credit Management Solutions and other essential business credit score checking services.

To learn more, call us at 01494 790600.

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