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Your credit score represents a summary of your financial background. Improving your score can lead to more attractive credit options and cost savings.

International credit reports and credit scores from 235 countries

Protect yourself from financial risks with CoCredo International credit checks and reports on your customers and suppliers.

Our credit report service provides financial reports and credit scores from companies in 235 countries/territories - the most extensive international database.

Our credit checks can help businesses grow, stabilise demand, boost revenues, and access new markets. However, they also identify financially unstable potential clients.

Get a complete view of the global companies you do business with

Our company has worldwide credit information coverage, allowing us to offer timely global reports that include publicly available information and additional details from internal investigations, providing valuable insights to our users.

We conduct frequent and thorough investigations on all international businesses to provide reliable global credit score information giving you the confidence to trade worldwide with peace of mind.

We have also extended our UK VAT number check to verify businesses' authenticity in EU nations. 

Our Report Features

The service includes a free priority investigation for businesses that cannot be located on our systems, with the fastest lead times in the industry.

We collaborate with our international subsidiary offices to gather any necessary financial data you need to make an informed credit decision. 

With so many risks to consider when trading globally, it is an essential business practice to conduct international company credit checks when trading abroad.

The key benefits of using our International credit reports: 

  • Simple to use and intuitive
  • Assists in identifying fraud and theft
  • Speeds up the application process for new customers
  • Database audit trail with access to extensive and unique data sources.

Snapshot Reports

If a report in Bands B-E is not immediately available, a snapshot report for this country is generated within three working days. These reports are ideal for customers deciding on an international company where time is critical.

We can offer a Snapshot Report in 207 territories, whereas a full International credit check report is available in 235 countries. 

Our snapshot report contains: 

  • A credit limit, 
  • Risk index, 
  • Any additional information we can obtain within the timeframe.

Our data partners will always provide the best information possible, but some reports may not include sanctions or financials.

Please speak with your Account Manager for further information and a breakdown of the countries where this service is available. 

Alternatively, if you have International Report access via the CoCredo Dashboard, you can start generating Snapshot credit Reports instantly.

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Daily or Weekly Monitoring Service

Our international company monitoring service informs you of any financial changes and provides valuable insights to protect your business.

Our regular daily or weekly monitoring service gives peace of mind to the companies you work with internationally.

It's essential to stay informed about any changes in the businesses you work with so you can react quickly if needed. We'll provide updates on both positive and negative changes.

Our Monitoring Service

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Learn how our team of experts can assist your small business with Credit Reports and Monitoring services, both domestically and internationally, covering 240 countries worldwide. 

In addition, we can also offer Director's Reports, CRM Integration, Dual reports and other essential financial and business credit data information.

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We have helped thousands of UK businesses with their credit report solutions. We seem to be doing a good job as our clients are always happy to tell us.

Richard Osborne

Have used the services from CoCredo for several years now and have always found their data insightful, informative and the customer support team always on hand and helpful in walking me through any questions I've had.

Forums International (Forums International)

CoCredo are Corporate Partners of Forums International Ltd. Dan Hancocks and his team are very supportive and a pleasure to deal with. Good customer service I know is one of their key objectives as well as delivering a great product. I am pleased to be associated with CoCredo and give them my endorsement. Laurie Beagle FCICM.

Nigel Fidler

So easy to use and understand. We have been using cocredo for some time now and the reports offer a great insight into how a potential new customer is performing , and indeed has done over a few years. I would not be without it now.

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