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What Our Pharmacy Credit Reports Give You

Our credit reports provide data on all General Pharmaceutical Council-regulated UK pharmacists and pharmacies in Great Britain.

Our company provides highly customised and in-depth credit reports and scores specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain industries. Our reports offer invaluable insights, empowering you to swiftly calculate your monthly pharmacy customer revenue and make informed business decisions.

  • Number of forms and prescriptions the pharmacy has every month over a 12-month rolling basis 
  • Number of forms and prescriptions the pharmacy has processed each month
  • See an overall trend of how well a particular pharmacy is performing. 

Our pharmacy credit score data is vital for any business that wants to understand the creditworthiness of its supplier/customer to stay competitive in a very challenging market. Our multiple source data can be exported into a CSV file. 

If no financial data is available, we can show the Government revenue streams for that individual business on a month-by-month basis. 

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We've partnered with industry experts to create a comprehensive dashboard providing insights into NHS payments to Sole Traders, Limited Companies, or Partnerships for prescriptions and services.

Access data-driven insights to understand your customers' financial performance and improve business efficiency. Receive daily email updates on changes to pharmacy creditworthiness.

This information is not readily available through traditional financial accounts, giving you an edge in understanding your business's financial performance.

As part of our initiative to provide industry-specific data to facilitate your credit decisions, we present you with the first step: industry-specific data related to pharmacies and the healthcare supply chain. 

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Our team of professionals can provide company credit reports and credit monitoring services for businesses based in the UK and Ireland. 

Our credit report service also provides financial reports and credit scores from companies in 236 countries/territories - the most extensive international database.

In addition, we offer CRM integration, Dual Reports, Credit Management Solutions and other essential business credit score checking services.

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Richard Osborne

Have used the services from CoCredo for several years now and have always found their data insightful, informative and the customer support team always on hand and helpful in walking me through any questions I've had.

mojgan shabani

We have been using CoCredo service for a number of years. very efficient, good and very professional customer service, prompt response and always willing to do their best for their customers. always try to improve the system and the actual system is a very easy to navigate around.

Tom Harrison

It is always a pleasure working with CoCredo, especially with Jane Bray. She is always efficient and always gets back to you in a timely manner. Keep up the good work!                                  

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Business Credit Monitoring Services

Take control of your pharmacy and healthcare business relationships with our company credit monitoring services.

Tracking changes to your customers and suppliers can save you time and money. It allows you to spot any red flags and act before it's too late.

Our business credit monitoring service allows you to assess your customers and suppliers' creditworthiness without regularly checking their company reports.

We can provide frequent daily or weekly updates on any positive or negative changes and risk alerts to help you make prompt, informed, and safe business decisions.

Our Business Credit Monitoring Service

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