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How CoCredo’s data API can transform your business

  • 22/05/2023
  • Paul Atkinson

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APIs are valuable tools that allow various software systems to communicate and exchange data or functionality. They are perfect for businesses that require smooth, integrated access to manage and utilise credit data portfolios. 

Accessing CoCredo's company data through our API provides reliable real-time risk and credit information and accurate credit ratings to aid more informed decisions and manage credit risk better, improve cash flow, and strengthen relationships with suppliers and business customers.

What Is API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a set of rules and protocols that allows different software applications to communicate and interact with each other. APIs define the methods and data formats for requesting and exchanging information between applications.

To put it simply, an API acts like a messenger. It provides a standardised way for developers to access certain features or data from a software platform or service without understanding the underlying implementation details.

APIs are frequently used to integrate third-party services or build applications on existing platforms.

How API automation can help access Global credit data information

APIs can play a crucial role in leveraging credit data for various purposes. Here are a few ways in which APIs can assist with credit data:

1. Credit Scoring: APIs can access credit scoring services provided by credit reference agencies like us. These APIs allow lenders, financial institutions, or businesses to obtain credit, risk scores, and other company financial information. By integrating credit scoring APIs into your systems, you can quickly assess the creditworthiness of your business partner or supplier and make informed decisions around their credit risk and limits.

2. Identity Verification: APIs can be utilised to verify the identity of businesses not only in the UK but globally during credit applications or financial transactions. These APIs often integrate with identity verification services that use various data sources to authenticate a company's identity, such as government databases and public records (EG Companies House).

3. Credit Monitoring and Notifications: By connecting with our APIs software, we provide real-time updates on credit activities, such as company data, directors and shareholders, financials and linkages. By utilising such APIs, companies can stay informed about their credit status, identify potential fraud or errors, and take appropriate actions to protect their creditworthiness.

How can CoCredo’s API credit check help your business?

Companies worldwide can rely on CoCredo to access global company information, credit scores and limits, anti-money laundering (AML), PEP and Sanction checks done through a single API that automates client onboarding and monitoring processes.

Integrating CoCredo’s market-leading CRM data into your business strategy and processes helps you seamlessly onboard new customers, enhance your business decisions, manage a diverse portfolio, and optimise your workstreams.

  • Data aggregated from high-quality sources across the globe, covering 236 countries, providing deep insight into a company’s financials, its directors and other business-related information.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of any organisation and its directors by accessing company information and financial data gathered from official registries worldwide, supplemented by our reliable business credit score.
  • Deeper access to Company records with Global monitoring, company data, directors and shareholders, financials and linkages.
  • Full company credit data, including credit scores and risk factors, limits and financial account data.
  • Verify business bank account details, including sort code and account numbers.

With CoCredo’s streamlined business data at your fingertips, meet credit and compliance onboarding requirements in minutes so you can make real-time informed business decisions to mitigate risks and act before it’s too late.

For a complimentary trial of our company credit report, kindly contact our customer service team or call us at 01494 790600. Our business credit check services can assist in lowering credit risk, enhancing cash flow, and boosting efficiency. We are more than happy to provide additional information upon request.

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