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Our D.N.A Credit Risk management tool – now even better!

  • 02/02/2023
  • Paul Atkinson

Late payment and default situations occur with alarming frequency; minimising them is critical to your organisation's financial sustainability. Customers who do not pay their bills or make late payments may harm your company's future, which is why a risk management system is critical.

Our online credit risk D.N.A portfolio management tool has been fine-tuned to provide rich risk-management insights to help you evaluate and track the creditworthiness of your customers and suppliers. Our tool allows you to delve deeper into the business credit profile of the company or the multiple companies you are doing business with, accessing unlimited portfolios and regularly monitoring and printing the essential financial and risk management insights you need as part of your ongoing portfolio management. 

Following customer feedback on how the credit information we have gathered could paint a fuller picture of the business or suppliers you work with, we have added an enhancement to the dashboard, allowing you to select your risk index and credit limit filters. You can see them in an easy-to-read chart rather than the hover text we had before. 

At CoCredo, a leading credit reference agency in the UK, It's about understanding our client's needs and offering creative solutions to enhance our service offering, from market-leading Dual Reports and integrated CRM systems that reduce costs and boost cash flow to delivering 'data on the go' package options. Our clients must feel valued and that we are a part of their customer journey, focusing on creating more personal communication with our customers and offering the best possible customer experience.

Our company credit check D.N.A. tool is updated in real-time, giving you access to up-to-the-minute credit risk insights on the businesses you deal with day-to-day. You can be confident that your viewing data is 100% reliable. You can also ask us to upload your information to make suitable comparisons, react, and respond to maximum-risk situations. 

It also provides a historical window into each company's financial statements to manage risk exposure more effectively across your entire portfolio. If your business works across several departments or regions that have the business relationships they are monitoring, you can also create 'teams' within your dashboard. 

You can activate this by clicking on the pie chart icon (see the chart below) and selecting the data fields you want to use as data filters to generate the charts you want to see on the dashboard. 

There are over 40 field headings on each business, as well as the versatility to support single or many portfolios, allowing you to personalise the dashboard to your own needs and easily spot historical or crucial changes to a firm, such as:

  • VAT number
  • Tangible net worth
  • Region
  • Current assets
  • Debtor days
  • Pre-tax profit margin

Our Graphical Analysis provides examination and management reporting for each portfolio and a summary across all portfolios. It allows users to analyse their ledger's credit risks and limits, and identify trends and comparisons. 

The key benefits of using CoCredo's D.N.A cloud-based portfolio management dashboard include the following:

  • Access the risk of multiple companies in user-friendly portfolios
  • Important in reducing bad debt
  • Maximise cash flow 
  • Maximise sales prospects by emphasising available credit
  • New data is regularly updated throughout the ledger 24/7
  • Streamline and reduce time loading a new report every 12 months 
  • Industry payment comparisons
  • Personalise profile and field headers - see the essential information you need.
  • Unrestricted user access to eliminate report duplication and collaborate on the same data with key stakeholders
  • Identify high and low-risk consumers you can react to and respond to quickly.
  • We constantly monitor your ledger to ensure you stay one step ahead.

Our D.N.A tool can also provide daily monitoring notifications of any changes occurring with the businesses and offers a quick view facility to click through to a detailed analysis of the individual company.

Finance teams should employ the best credit risk management technology to increase productivity, remove bad debt, and enhance cash flow. Why not get in touch with us for a FREE trial of our D.N.A. credit risk management tool on  01494 790 600 or send us an email instead, and we will come back to you as soon as possible. 

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