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CoCredo announces latest winner of its 'High Five' Award.

  • 07/03/2023
  • Paul Atkinson

concept design showing CoCredo's Andrius Stanaitis high 5 award winner

At the end of last year, Dan Hancocks, MD of CoCredo, thought it would be a great idea as part of our monthly meetings a way to recognise and thank a member of the team who has made an extraordinary contribution to the business, demonstrating passion and drive that has played a critical role in looking after our customers or has helped the company’s performance go from strength to strength.

The awards are intended to recognise people who work hard behind the scenes. They are the backbone of every business and deserve to be recognised. It's your coworkers' heartfelt "high five" to acknowledge everything they do.

At our most recent meeting on the 20th of February, Dan announced his “High Five Award” winner to celebrate an individual or team’s efforts and achievements that support the company’s broader goals and values - going that extra mile to get results! 

This month's worthy winner is .... Andrius Stanaitis, our Coldfusion Developer. 

Recognition and Reward

In recognition of a job well done, Dan said of Andrius: “He is an essential part of the team contributing to the development and performance of our website, positively impacting the products and services we provide to clients as well as the general efficiency of the business. He always comes up with solutions, going about his daily tasks of making improvements and changes to our IT systems quickly, quietly, and methodically.   

You go above and beyond every day – Thank you. “

We are incredibly dependent on a dedicated workforce showing up and knocking out the mundane tasks that make it all come together, day in and day out. 

Because we are such a close-knit team, this is a fantastic chance to celebrate each other's victories and recognise the excellent job everyone is doing. We rely heavily on a devoted staff to show up and complete the routine duties that keep everything running smoothly daily.

Watch for the next quarterly update to see which team member is crowned as our next worthy winner!

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